Weight Watchers Point List

Weight Watchers Point List

It’s no surprise that Weight Watchers has been such a well received program.  That’s because this program works, and since they introduced the point system back the 1990’s there success rates have really grown. And to help they provide a complete weight watchers point list.
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The weight watchers point list contains the point value of almost all foods.  The point system works on the theory of moderation rather than eliminating any type of food.  When you attend your first Weight Watchers meeting, you will be told exactly how many points you are able to use each day.

Then they will explain how each food has a certain point value that is associated with it.  You can eat any foods you want but you can only take in your daily total of points so it still requires some planning.  You just don’t have to give up your favorite chocolate soufflé yet.

The Weight Watcher point list is a great tool that can help you quickly tell what the point value of any given food is, and you can also use the Points Finder slide rule, which you also get at your first meeting. If there is a nutritional label on the food you can use the Points Finder.

If you want to seriously use the Weight Watchers point list you should buy the Weight Watcher kit, which comes with another Points Finder, an organizer, and a full weight watchers point food list, as well as the restaurants with their menus assigned to points.  Weight watchers works hard to make losing weight stress free.

During the week each time you eat you will be asked to record the number of points you eat.  You will use your weight watcher point list to determine point values.  You are required to track all the foods you eat including snacks, liquid intake, and water. With just a quick glance you’ll know how many points you’ve used and what you have left.  Your full weight watchers point list will make keeping track of your points very manageable.   You have no reason for not knowing the value of any food with all the resource provide to you.

The list is small and compact so you can stick it in your pocket or your purse.  You can take your full weight watchers point list with you to the grocery store so that you can quickly look up point values and make educated choices.  Today, thanks to new legislation most foods on the shelf have nutritional values listed so you’ll be able to calculate the point value. You can also choose Weight Watchers snacks and frozen entrees or Lean Cuisine frozen meals, which have the point value on the packaging. Remember that most vegetables are free having a zero point value so you can eat as many as you like.  Raw veggies make great snacks.

The Weight Watchers point list is really easy to use and it makes point counting that much more convenient.  If you’ve got a few pounds to lose why not see what Weight Watchers is really about ?