Lose Weight Without Doing Exercise

Lose Weight Without Doing Exercise

If you want to shed some pounds, be it for your health or simply to look better, you may not want to have to adhere to a strenuous and time consuming exercise plan. You can lose weight without doing exercise, but you should realize that it will take much longer to see positive results. Be aware that there is no miracle solution that would allow you to develop a svelte figure overnight, that is unless you want to have liposuction or lap band surgery.

Being overweight can have a serious impact on well-being. If you have been diagnosed as clinically obese, unless you take action you are at serious risk of developing major health conditions, and your overall life expectancy may become drastically reduced.

The following information should allow you to drop a waist size or two even without hitting the gym. The key is in the number of calories you consume on a daily basis, read on to find out how anyone of us can develop a figure to proud of.

All food has a calorific content; fats have the highest, fruits and vegetables the lowest. To shed the unwanted pounds you will need to bring about a calorie deficit, that is to say to use more energy than is put into your body. Though you may think that only through working out can you use calories, the truth is that any activity can help to burn up these units of energy, even thinking and sleeping helps in using up calories.

If you have a muscular body, you will use up energy even when at rest, but those of us without pronounced muscles have a tendency to put on more fat. Your metabolic rate, this is the amount of energy your body burns, is what determines what happens to each calorie that you consume. A few fortunate people have a high metabolic rate, and therefore rarely put on pounds, if you have a slow rate you will need to adhere to a stricter plan to get back into shape.

No matter what your muscle mass or metabolic rate, to bring about a calorie deficit without doing any exercise you should try and consume five or six small meals a day as opposed to three large plates full. These meals should not contain any fatty products such as red meat and dairy, likewise it is beneficial to get rid of fried food, refined white foods (white sugar, white bread, and white rice), and stick to a healthy and balanced nutritious diet.

By switching to a healthy low volume diet of five or six meals your bodys metabolic rate will be enhanced, which will result in a greater amount of fat being burned off. Within a few weeks you should start to notice a difference to your bodys girth.

If you find that adhering to this new dietary regime gives you hunger pangs, you can lessen this problem by increasing your intake of water. Water is an essential component of any weight-loss program, do not quench your thirst with sodas and coffees as these will not be doing you any favors.