King Size Bedspread

King Size Bedspread

Standard sized beds are slowly declining these days in sale because the need for bigger beds is increasing. Designing these beds is also becoming a trend; some people even tend to coordinate their beds with the entire motif of the room. This is also the reason why a lot more people are becoming conscious of the different types and styles of bed sheets and spreads. Big beds of course need big bedspreads, so here are a few tips when looking for the perfect king size bedspread.

1. Size Does Matter

Measurements are important when buying bed sheets because, obviously, you can’t bring your bed and mattress to the store to fit the sheets or spreads. You have to remember to measure the length, the width, the depth of your mattress and the height from the floor to the top mattress.

A typical king size bedspread measures around 118 by 120 inches, a little bigger than the bed dimension itself. There are also spreads known as coverlets, they are the minimalist type and little bit smaller than the bed and lighter than regular bedspreads, measuring about 98 by 108 inches.

2. Choose a Type
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You might get confused when buying a king size bedspread because you might encounter a California type and a standard type. Basically, the difference between these two types is in the length and width. The California and 4 inches longer than the standard type, and the standard type is 4 inches wider than the California. Choose the one that would not look awkward on your bed.

You might also get overwhelmed with the number of choices in color, style and material. Colors and styles are pretty much easier to deal with since you just need to base it on your personal taste. As for the material, you can choose the standard minimalist sheets, the multi-dimensional ones that provide different textures and materials on either side or the Egyptian type that is softer compared to others.

3. Value for Money

Bedspreads and bed sheets do not need to be expensive to be of high quality, even economically priced ones make for durable covers and are long-lasting. Other alternatives are to place special orders, have a seamstress make it or you can even make one yourself.

A king size bedspread that you order or have specially made by a seamstress make cost a little extra but it can be more flexible in a sense that you have creative control over it. You can also be more assured that it would fit your bed perfectly.

You can also try making it yourself if you have skills using a sewing machine. All you need is to buy the materials and allow for 2 or more inches of extra fabric to make the seams.