Calorie Counting – Is This The Best Strategy For Permanent Weight Loss?

Calorie Counting – Is This The Best Strategy For Permanent Weight Loss?

Will calorie counting, alone, allow you to achieve your goals when it comes to weight loss?

While it’s possible to lose a significant amount of weight in the short term by implementing a calorie counting regime, it often requires a significant lifestyle change if you want to see reasonable results over a longer period of time. Lasting success in weight loss is almost always the result of multiple changes in one’s lifestyle.
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When planning to shed unwanted pounds, most people have a natural tendency to focus on only one area of their lifestyle. For example: one big misconception is the belief that simply reducing one’s daily food intake is all that is needed to lose weight and become slim and trim.

In reality, weight loss is less likely to happen when you are too focused on simply counting calories. Not only are you less likely to achieve your goals from a psychological standpoint, but you may also succeed in slowing down your metabolism. This is the body’s natural defence mechanism against perceived starvation. A slower metabolism means that losing weight will be that much harder.

If you can accept the fact that true, long-term weight loss is more than simple calorie counting and a superficial short-term transformation, you can begin to adapt a more realistic lifestyle that will result in a new you – the “you” you’ve always dreamed about. Undoubtedly, once you’re on this track, you will begin to see that real change is finally possible.

So what type of lifestyle do we need to develop in order to see long-lasting, permanent results? Perhaps the biggest factor besides eating healthier is exercise. In fact, it may be the single most important factor for true weight loss, period. It’s common knowledge that starting an exercise program with a reduced calorie diet will result in real, measurable, and permanent weight loss. By adopting an exercise program, you’ll also notice that it’s going to really speed things up. Counting calories without exercise can take forever and certainly doesn’t do anything for your willpower in the process.

Though exercise may not be extremely popular with most dieters, you’ve also got to factor in the other health benefits you’ll reap in the process. In terms of your general health, exercise pretty much trumps anything. To say that activity is essential to our overall well-being and health is an understatement. Besides losing weight, it’s been proven that regular physical exercise can also lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, strengthen your heart and lungs, and guard against disease.

Lastly, you should always consult your physician before embarking on any diet/exercise program. We’re all different and even though it’s been proven that diet combined with exercise is highly effective, it may not be for you. It’s important that you approach diet and exercise in a safe and healthy manner by following the advice of a medical professional.